Vintage Bridal Gowns

Disney Inspired Wedding

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Late 1980s wedding gown and flower girl dress

Late 1980s wedding gown and flower girl dress. this actually has a tasteful headpiece and bouquet, is a nice colour and has a lovely flowergirl outfit. Still very 80’s with the puffy sleeves. Possible for our bride. Wedding Wizard, Sissy Wedding, Uk Wedding, 1980S Wedding, 1980 Wedding Gowns, Perfect Wedding Dress, Wedding Amazing Dresses, Beautiful

1980S Wedding Dress

1980s Vogue Bridal dress My wedding dress, still have the pattern, bridesmaids worn white with pink trim in the same pattern…..Aaaaah the memories!! 1980S Bridal, 1980S Wedding Dress, Wedding Dresses Vintage, Vintage Weddings, Crochet Wedding Dresses, Dress Crochet, Weddings 1980S, Bargainsrus Weddings, 1980S Vogue

1980’s wedding dress…

1980’s wedding dress… I personally wouldn’t wear it but it brings back some good memories!! Yay Labrinth/Manequin/Madonna!! Woo! 1980 Wedding, 1980S Wedding Dress, Awful Wedding, Wedding Blitz, Loving Wedding, 80’S Wedding, Wild Wedding, Fabulous Wedding, Wedding Styles

Michelle and Barack

Michelle and Barack Barack Michelle, Lady Michelle, Michelle Obama Style, Young Michelle Obama, Michelle Early, Barry Michelle, Michelle , Years Michelle, Flotus Michelle